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Team 118, the Robonauts, is a district-wide high school FIRST Robotics Competition team from Clear Creek Independent School District (CCISD) in League City, Texas. We are made up of 66 students from 6 different CCISD high schools (grades 9-12). We have the privilege of working alongside NASA-JSC engineers as our mentors.


The Robonauts have four goals,  to educate our students in the fields of engineering, engage the community in engineering and STEM education, field a competitive team, and grow and nurture the Robonauts' Family. 


FIRST, For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology, is an organization for inspiring young people to be science and technology leaders by engaging them in exciting mentor-based programs that build science, engineering, and technology skills that inspire innovation, and that foster well-rounded life capabilities including self-confidence, communication, and leadership.

Our team was formed in 1997 through a partnership between NASA's Johnson Space Center and the Clear Creek Independent School District. Over the years, our team has made significant strides in advancing community awareness of robotics education. We have started 25 FLL (FIRST LEGO League) teams, 42 VEX IQ teams, 3 BEST (Boosting Engineering, Science, and Technology) teams, and 17 VEX robotics teams across our community. During the summer the Robonauts also run the Clear Creek ISD "RoboCamp". This camp inspires children from 2nd through 8th grades by using robotics to teach science, mathematics and engineering principles.


When CCISD students reach high school they are able to apply to join the Robonauts. Each year we enjoy team building activities, safety briefings, driver training, and workspace/tool orientation prior to KickOff. Then in January, when the FRC (FIRST Robotics Competition) game challenge is unveiled, our team jumps in to the mode of brainstorming, prototyping, strategizing, researching, and iterating, with a collective effort to build a competitive robot. At every event we attend, we bring spare parts and dispatch the "Robonauts Robot Rescue," or "R Cubed," crew to ensure every FRC team has the ability to participate on the field. 


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