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The GeaRunners were built in the fall of 2017 to be used as driver training robots using the 2017 gear game piece. 

GeaRunner CAD Step File

GeaRunner GrabCAD Link

GeaRunner Scoring Peg Step File

GeaRunner Scoring Peg GrabCAD Link

Bill of Materials



The Robonauts PACbots, named after PAC-MAN ghosts, are drivetrains with modular frame rails used for prototyping, driver training, demos, and defense training. The first generation of PACbots were built in 2009, in 2016 a modern WCD set were built, and in 2023 4 swerve PACbots were built.

2009 Narrow PACbot CAD Step File

2009 Narrow PACbot GrabCAD Link

2016 Long PACbot CAD Step File

2016 Long PACbot GrabCAD Link

2016 Square PACbot CAD Step File

2016 Square PACbot GrabCAD Link

2023 Swerve PACbot with GeaRunner Step File

2023 Swerve PACbot with GeaRunner GrabCAD Link

2023 Swerve PACbot with Elevator Step File

2023 Swerve PACbot with Elevator GrabCAD Link


2018 Robonauts Pit

Built for the 2018 season this pit workbench was designed to separate into sections that could all fit under a standard charter bus.

2018 Pit CAD-Step File

2018 Pit GrabCAD Link

2018 Pit Toolbox CAD-Step File

2018 Pit Toolbox GrabCAD Link

Perpendicular Drop Drive

Built in the 2014 off-season, the perpendicular drop drive is a actuated omi-wheel perpendicular to the main drive wheels that is driven by one side of the drivetrain. This mechanism allows for very quick rotations with a west-coast drive.

Perpendicular Drop Drive Video


2023 Robonauts Pit

In 2023 we built a new pit after trialing new toolboxes in 2022. This pit was designed around the way we operate at events and our current competition travel method.

2023 Robonauts Pit CAD Step File

2023 Robonauts Pit GrabCAD Link

2023 Robonauts Pit Writeup

2023 Robonauts Pit Photo Album

2023 Drivers Station

In 2023 we designed a new drivers station that was more compact than our previous one and built 2 of them so that we are able to compete at events with 2 robots or at 2 events simultaneously. 

2023 Robonauts Drivers Station CAD-Step File

2023 Robonauts Drivers Station GrabCAD Link

2023 Robonauts Drivers Station Photo Album


Belt Walls

The belt walls were designed to be an efficient way of storing timing belts in our facility. We built one for 5mm HTD belts and one for 3mm GT2 belts.

5mm HTD Belt Wall CAD Step File

5mm HTD Belt Wall GrabCAD Link

3mm GT2 Belt Wall CAD Step File

3mm GT2 Belt Wall GrabCAD Link

Off Season CAD Projects

Occasionally we will design robots or mechanisms in the offseason to learn about robot mechanisms we haven't built before.

2017 Off Season H-Drive Step File

2017 Off Season H-Drive Grabcad Link

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